Are Dogs The Perfect Pet For Life At Sea?

Choosing to live a life on the water can be a very difficult choice to make. This is especially true if you really love how it feels when you’re out on the open water, but you also love the conveniences of living on land. When you are a dog owner, you have to take their needs and happiness into account as well. You might be thinking of making a yacht or houseboat your home, and you have a dog. You’re possibly wondering if you and your dog can be able to live together at sea. It might sound like a great idea, but the question is, would it work out well in real life? 

The answer is yes, it’s possible for you and your dog to live happily on a boat. You can comfortably sail the seven seas with your dogs. However, you’ll need to ensure the dog you have is right for the lifestyle, and also take precautions to ensure you have a peaceful and safe environment to live in. 

Signs your dog might love living at sea

If you’ve already decided that you want to live at sea, you should find out if your dog shares the same passion for living on the water. The following are some signs your dog might be able to adapt to living on a boat.

They enjoy water

Some dogs completely hate water, and they stay away from it at all costs. But many other breeds are bona fide water lovers and enjoy making a splash often. Those that love the water are the best pets that can become great crewmates. 

They are good swimmers

Doggie paddling might be a natural instinct for all of our furry friends, but it doesn’t mean that all dogs are swimmers. Do make an effort to keep their nails neatly trimmed so that they don’t damage your canvas as they hop in and out of your boat. Regarding safety, being aware that your dog is a competent swimmer will help you have peace of mind while you sail exploring the world. 

They don’t suffer from seasickness

There is a medication that helps with controlling your dog’s seasickness. However, if your dog gets scared on the water even when the sea is calm, then it might not be the best companion when you live on a boat.

They fit perfectly

If you aren’t the owner of a big yacht, the chances are high that you, your dog, and other people on board will be sharing a relatively small living area. This doesn’t mean that you should have a miniature breed. You just need to ensure you have enough space for yourself and your pet. 

Other signs

When your dog shows body language signs such as whimpering, whining, yawning, shaking, and lip licking, then they aren’t comfortable near or on the water. More signs that they prefer being on land include anxiety or stress, excessive salivation, and depression. 

The science of dogs living at sea

There are no permanent rules on which types of dogs can live on a boat or which ones cannot. It simply comes down to each individual dog. You observe how much they love being around water and their temperament. Here are a few breeds that love the water. They’re worth considering if you’re looking for a pet to have at sea:

  • Schipperke 
  • Labrador
  • English Setter
  • Nova Scotia Duck Tolling Retriever
  • Portuguese Water Dog
  • Chesapeake Bay Retriever

You might not have known that the poodle can adapt to life at sea too. This is because they were originally bred as water retrievers. They love getting wet and are great swimmers. 

Staying safe with your dog at sea

After training your dog on how to live on a boat, the next thing you should consider is how to keep your dog safe on the water. 

  • Have a high-quality dog life jacket
  • In order to avoid your dog going overboard in choppy conditions, use a tether and harness
  • Have a plan for getting it back on board if it happens to fall overboard. 
  • If you’re going to another country, check on vaccine requirements.